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My name is Anna Kravets and I am happy to see you on the website of my company where we create huge flowers of all kinds for events.


Can you imagine the world without flowers? I can’t.

There is no life without them.


And all the florals that are used should not just be beautiful but serve a purpose.

 The purpose is joy and admiration caused by looking at something beautiful, unusual and new that creates great photos


Flower wall rentals are very popular all over the world now but being photographed next to an oversized,  3-D object is an experience on it’s own. An impressive photo of you  next to an unusual, extra large flower backdrop is a fantastic social media tool.         


That’s exactly the reason why my team and I prefer complex orders:

Not only the large flower sets for photo backdrops - but walls with oversized flowers on them.


Not only posh giant flowers to decorate a store window but emphasize what's being displayed; stand out with an unusual  booth at a trade show or have new clients experience your product - but a customized version of each project accompanied with a sketch that will match  specifically your idea.


This is exactly the approach I use  that will be the most beneficial to you. These colossal flowers will wow your guests, clients and friends. 99% of them  will see flowers this big for the first time. That’s what I mean when I say flowers that serve a purpose.




* 99% of your guests will see flowers this big for the first time
* All the flowers are created by hand which makes them never identical
* Over a 6000 pieces were created for events in the US and abroad since 2017
* Decor longevity



Due to the special material we use, the flowers are resistant to bad weather whether it’s rain or snow.

We appreciate our clients and  love our product, that's why our customers come back.