Rental set #5 True Blue

Rental Set "True Blue"

9 Giant Items (a mix of roses, hydrangea tees and pine cones )
Colors:  White,  light blue, silver

$170 plus delivery
(call or email to get the exact pricing to your event place)

The set includes:
* 2 giant silver roses
* 2 hydrangea trees (mixed colors of white, silver and light blue)
*2 pine cones (one white and one silver)
*3 light blue cornflowers 

The flower in the set range between 6.5 to 5.5 ft in height.
The flowers vary in diameter between 20 to 35 inches wide.

All flowers come on bendable white and silver painted stems 
Each set is standing on one base. If the flowers need to placed separately, custom welded bases will need to be made.

Perfect as a photo backdrop for any corporate fair  next to a custom banner with company's name or as a backdrop for any party 

* Rental delivery is only available in New York and New Jersey
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